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Maria Bravo

Administrative Assistant at Washington National Insurance Company
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Maria Bravo, Washington National Agent

13550 Village Park Drive
Suite 320
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 704-3903(407) 704-3903
About Me
I started working for Central Florida Advisor Group Company and Washington National Insurance Company a year ago. I work as an Administrative Assistant fulfilling different functions to support more than 500 agents located in different states of the country. I have been living in the United States for a little over two years, and I’m currently finishing my Production Engineering degree. I love studying languages and am fluent in several, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin. I’m thankful to belong to this great work group that has become family.
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Year joined: 2020Education: Metropolitan University
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Here’s why you should consider hospital indemnity insurance
Here at Washington National, a question we’re often asked is, “If I have health insurance through my employer, why would I need hospital indemnity insurance?” It’s a fair question, so today we’re going to answer it.
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Employers: Supplemental insurance is more important than ever
How can employers best ease the stress of their workforce, while also managing their delicate bottom line? For many employers, supplemental insurance is the answer.
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Having End of Life Conversations with Parents, Spouses, or Your Own Kids
Find What Matters Most in Life—and Death. Before any conversations happen, everyone should discover what matters the most to them. While this is really important for the person deciding how they would want to live out their final days, it’s also important for those of us who will be there to support them.

Featured Insurance Products - Orlando, FL

  • An icon featuring a blue outline of a nurse


    Cancer insurance from Washington National can offer: a lump-sum express payment when cancer is first diagnosed, coverage for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, treatment-related transportation and family lodging.
  • An icon featuring two bandaids laying across one another


    Accident Insurance includes coverage for fractures and dislocations, injuries requiring surgery, burns, lacerations, disability, accidental death and dismemberment, hospital and emergency room visits, and more.
  • An icon featuring a blue outlined stethoscope


    Our critical illness insurance pays lump-sum benefits upon the first diagnosis of common conditions like cancer, heart attack, and stroke. We offer coverage with cash benefits for up 17 critical health conditions, 14 types of accidental injuries and 7 other important categories
  • An icon of a heart shape with a heartbeat line crossing through the heart


    Washington National’s heart/stroke policies can help bring financial protection and peace of mind. Our policy benefits help when an insured person requires a heart- or stroke-related hospitalization, heart transplant, surgery, nursing care and other covered issues.
  • An icon of a blue outlined hospital exterior


    Washington National offers a standalone hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) insurance policy, and we also include hospitalization and ICU benefits with many of our other supplemental health products.
  • An icon of a blue outlined umbrella


    For many people today, a single unfortunate event–an illness, accident or injury–could turn their present lifestyle inside-out and completely alter their plans for the future. In the simplest sense, life insurance pays a cash benefit to the beneficiary if the insured person dies while the policy is in force.
  • A line drawing of three people sitting at a table.


    Our suite of supplemental health and life insurance products can enhance your employee benefits program, while our administrative technology can make your job easier. Our state-of-the-art platform streamlines the enrollment process to help employees choose benefits quickly. At the same time, it helps you efficiently manage your supplemental benefits program.
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When life takes an unexpected turn and you experience a sudden illness or injury, you could face physical and financial repercussions. But there’...
When life takes an unexpected turn and you experience a sudden illness or injury, you could face physical and financial repercussions. But there’s a solution. Supplemental health insurance can help you cover the costs of a health event with cash benefits paid directly to you.
When life takes an unexpected turn and you experience a sudden illness or injury, you could face physical and financial repercussions. But there’s a solution. Supplemental health insurance can help you cover the costs of a health event with cash benefits paid directly to you.

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About Washington National

Washington National Insurance Company is a leading provider of supplemental health and life insurance for middle-income Americans in the worksite and to individuals.

Washington National Insurance Company’s rich history began over 100 years ago, when our first policy was hand-delivered by bicycle. Since then our modes of transportation have changed, but our commitment to serving our customers with personal services remains the same.

Today, we help over 1 million Americans protect the people they love most through our supplemental health and life insurance products. Our valuable benefits can help protect you from the financial hardship that so often comes with critical illnesses, accidents and loss of life.

So, who is Washington National? We are a group of enthusiastic individuals, committed to creating customers for life through honest, straightforward and memorable service at every interaction. We focus on providing customers a positive and meaningful experience every time. Our dedication to serving customers well and meeting their needs drives us to achieve excellence in everything we do. Serving customers in a personal yet professional manner is our priority, and you can depend on us to be a strong, caring partner. When you are ready, we are here to provide you with insurance coverage that makes sense to you.
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